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Antonio Testa specialises in ethno-ritual ambient music and organic sound often achieved through the creation of musical atmospheres and the use of a vast array of native and shamanic instruments. This is especially the case of his music project Ecosphere, an audiovisual experience that generates and spreads all of its energy by using Antonio’s own creations: instruments made from organic and recycled materials create and convey subtle and elaborate melodies, where their hidden silent atmosphere allows for a perfect balance between electronic and acoustic sounds.
Antonio has collaborated with renowned artists across the international music scene, these collaborations are regarded by the artist as priceless moments of musical growth. The artists he has collaborated with include Alio Die, John McLaughlin, Little Steven, Miriam Makeba, Gaudì, Claudio Rocchi, Walter Maioli and Art Primitive sound, Massimo Priviero, Marco Ferradini, Quartiere Latino, Cordatesa and many more.
In the years between 1986 – 1993 he has had an intense work activity with reggae band W.D.X. of which he had been the original founder. The band has played as support for Jamaican artists Ziggy Marley, The Wailers, Yellowman, Maxi Priest, Mutabaruka and Jimmy Cliff.

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Antonio Testa

has extensive experience of global live performances throughout his solo career including:

  • The Colosseum of Rome, Sonica, Sonica Reloaded, Trontano in ITALY.
  • The National Portrait Gallery, Glade, Waveform, Cosmo, and Sunrise Festivals in the UK.
  • Electric Picnic IRELAND.
  • Reggae Sunsplash ITALY and SPAIN.
  • Ozora HUNGARY.
  • Boom Festival PORTUGAL.
  • Somuna SWITZERLAND and many more spanning along his 30 years long solo career.

He has extensively travelled around the world to research and produce indigenous ethno-ritual ambient music.     
Antonio Testa is nowadays considered an asset for chill out or world stages. Along with bringing all the energy and vibration of his precious lifelong experience to such diverse audiences, he is also a generous and expert facilitator for workshops with organic native instruments, and in adding a special touch by performing live music for yoga or/and meditation classes, or presenting a lecture on the Ethnomusicology behind the exhibition (Earth Song)

The Ecosphere project live concert

The Ecosphere project live concert is an alchemical collaborative project filled with ancestral sounds, tribal rhythms, and it echoes the awakening of the human spirit.
The sounds, music and dance of the ECOSPHERE project take us back into the past, offering us a view of a world deeply rooted in our unconscious.
Antonio Testa has been active in the field of contemporary music since the early 1980’s, working as a percussionist specialising in tribal and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, ethno-ritual ambient sounds and world music. He is an artist who is constantly working to expand his knowledge of ethnomusicology and the curative powers of sound. His music (both performed live and recorded) is used widely for various types of therapy and healing sessions, as well as also being used for documentaries, films, exhibitions, TV ads and theatre plays. Antonio’s versatility as an artist has meant that despite being essentially an organic ambient artist he has, through the course of his career, also performed regularly with artists within the contemporary, ambient and dance music scene to create memorable synergies of organic and electronic.

Artistic Experiences

Various collaborations as a percussionist with bands and artists around Europe.
Composer and producer for a variety of ambient music albums:

The writer of “Giocare con I Suoni” (BMG Ricordi, 2000) a didactical guide on recycled musical Instruments and Music Education:>

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Listen to a DJ mix demo- SOUNDCLOUD LIVE SET