Antonio Testa has been active in the contemporary music scene since 1980s, working as a professional percussionist. A dedicated researcher of ethnic sounds and instruments, Antonio has immersed himself into the study of tribal people around the globe.
He is an artist who constantly works to expand his ethnic musicology research and the knowledge of the healing powers of sound for the human body and soul.
Antonio’s music (both live and recorded) is widely used for therapy sessions as well as documentaries, movies, exhibitions, theatre productions and commercials. Antonio’s versatility is reflected from his endless attitude to change and open ways to new approaches during the course of his career.

Antonio Testa  Kaluba  Rob Roar Presents Ibiza Night
Shaman Coyotl A. Testa Indigenous s.o.s  2011 Random Records
A.Testa Spiritual water Various Haiti Project Organic Records 2010
Little Science M.Piazza A. Testa Tiakuraka XBravo Records 2008
Sunset Various Artist Chill out comp RMG Records 2008
Progetto Pigmei Etabe 2008
Little Science by A.Testa M.Piazza Mahiane - Oxycanta - Winter Blooms Ultimae Records 2007
Lumumba A. Testa Future Sound Theory Comp by Mattb. Celestial Dragon Records 2006
A. Testa Rapanui, Sealands Ecosystem. Fab. Records 2006
Pachamama A. Testa Gathering the Tribe cd comp. Interchill Records 2006
Maison De La Culture A. Testa T. Rinesi Subterranean Dream Cd Comp Kutmusic 2005
A. Testa Sunset Albedo by Nova Ultimae Records 2005
Tribalove A. Testa Gaudi - Sanctuary ‎(CD, Mixed) Interchill Records 2005
Rapanui A.Testa New Age music 
New Sound ‎(CD,Comp.) 2004
Tribalove A. Testa Gaudi - Bass, Sweat
A.Testa/Gaudi Matré Térra - Juice ‎(CD, Comp) Irma 1999
Matré Térra A.Testa- Gaudi Various - Jungle Jazz Italian  ‎(cd, Comp) Irma 1999
Asmaghiti (Il Canto Delle Pietre) ( A. Testa) Maurizio Dell'Olio Shravanii Purnima ‎(CD, Album, Box) AsciSound, MDO 1999
A. Testa Stalagmite Earthound album Antenna Records 1999
A.Testa/C.Girardi Vivi bene Grande album Bmg Ricordi 1999
Matré Térra A.Testa- Gaudi Various - Jungle Jazz Italian  ‎(Vinyl, Comp) Irma 1999
A .Testa, G. Grieco, M. Boccolari Cactus Le Commedie vagabonde.Polygram 1998
A.Testa Touche Moreno Bamboo Dance and Stone age dance Polydor 1994